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Galvanized Gabion Mesh

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FOB Price: US $ 5 - 33 / Set
Min.Order Quantity: 10 Set/Sets
Supply Ability:500 Set/Sets per Day
Port: tianjin
Payment Terms:L/C,T/T

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Galvanized Gabion mesh is mainly used for the production of the gabion cages and laid directly used for protection against soil erosion and rocks rolled down the hillside Ditch. Galvanized gabion net raw material is high galvanized iron wire, galvanized iron wire galvanized the majority in the 260 g /.
Galvanized gabion net raw material:
(1) Galvanized steel wire: carbon steel wire, the diameter of the wire in the 2.0MM 4.0MM between the wire tensile strength, heavy rain or equal to 350-520MPa, the surface treatment of the wire hot dip galvanized, galvanizing the protective layer thickness according to customer requirements, galvanized the amount of up to 360g/m2, most of galvanized around 260g/m2.
(2) Gower where the steel wire, galvanized low carbon steel wire layer is an alloy, 5% aluminum alloy components - mixed trace rare earth alloy zinc layer. This is a use in recent years, new materials, and the corrosion resistance is more than 3 times the traditional plain galvanized wire diameter between 1.0MM-3.0MM, the tensile strength of the wire 350-520MPa.

Galvanized Gabion Mesh

Galvanized Gabion Mesh

Galvanized Gabion Mesh

Galvanized Gabion Mesh

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